Misadventures In My Town - Go head Mr. Wallace.....

I know, I know...it's been a long time I shouldn't have left you without...well you know the rest. It has indeed been a long time but here I am with an adventure in my town to talk about. It all started with a conversation about Richard Wallace. Who is Richard Wallace you ask? Well, let me fill you in.

Early in the a.m. I called my friend in order to extend a breakfast date. I wanted to redeem myself because I unfortunately had missed her birthday shindig so when my friend answered the phone and I let her know I was interested in treating her to breakfast she informed me that she had been wanting to try a particular restaurant for breakfast so I thought great let's make it happen. I asked her what restaurant is that? She responded, "Richard Wallace's." I was perplexed. Never heard of it. I have heard of Richard Walker's but not this other Richard's. I was intrigued. I'm about try breakfast at Richard Wallace's. Whoop. Whoop.

So I got up. I got myself together and jumped in my vehicle and met the Birthday Girl downtown in the Gaslamp. Once there I discovered that she indeed was referring to Richard Walker's. Mr. Wallace was just a figment of her imagination. I was a little sad at that. Let's have a moment of silence for the other Richard.

So we took off on foot to Richard Walker's. The walk was not too bad and was even enjoyable;we're in the San Diego Gaslamp area, the usual suspects are milling around...you know the hoes, the tricks, the pushers, the customers, the regulars and irregulars and a bunch of Padre fans and Dodger fans sprinkled in there as well. All that the Gaslamp has to offer along with me and my friend, the Birthday Girl. 

We make it to Richard Wallace's...I mean Richard Walker's and, of course, there's a line. When is there not a line? We join the tribe waiting outside and wait with everyone else. It wasn't that long of a wait maybe 20 minutes but it was well worth it. While we were waiting we received menus so we were able to attempt to try to figure out what we wanted to order. Myself and the Birthday Girl in her cool over-one-eye-Aaliyah-style imaginary birthday hat began looking over the vast menu. Richard Walker's, which in my mind is actually a magical breakfast emporium, has a menu with a plethora of options for breakfast, lunch, brunch or whatever you want to call your meal there.

We decided on a baked cinnamon apple pancake to share because it's gi-normous along with delicious cups of coffee. I had scrambled eggs with cheese and I wanted to try their bacon because I heard so much about it. The Birthday Girl had the same with turkey bacon (ixnay on the orkie pay for her. No undesirables shall soil her temple). Needless to say, we overwhelmingly enjoyed our breakfast. We couldn't get enough of the delicious coffee and both of us left with doggie bags. It was a triumph. Yes. I did indeed redeem myself so once done there we had to, of course, take the brisk walk back. As we walked we passed the venue where she had her birthday shindig (that I missed that was the reason I was downtown in the first place) a spot called Blush Ice Bar East-West Kitchen so once I noticed it and I was like, hey that's the place where you had your shindig and she was giving me all the deets and it sounded like a place I needed to try one day soon. 

The doors were open because by this time it's 11 a.m. so we decided to introduce and re-introduce in the Birthday Girl's case ourselves to the establishment and see what the heck was going on. Of course, we ended up being their first customers of the day because I just had to try a cocktail at Blush. You build your own cocktail so I decided to start with a passion fruit Smirnoff base, with pineapple ice and mango puree. It was delicious to say the least. 


The Birthday Girl continued telling me about the shindig and also let me know that they had a full kitchen and that I just had to try their Ginger Sesame Wings. As you know, I don't turn down the chance to try out some chicken so I ordered the chicken as well. It was delish just as she described so now I have two doggie bags. One for later and then one for later later. 

So once again we set off on our trip back to the parking garage and on our way there we were just talking about life and things the birds, the bees, the hunnies and the trees and I noticed that the Birthday girl had a fabulously cute bag which resulted in a conversation about thrifting and a local thrift store which I hadn't had the opportunity to share the love with so she said, "you know we'll have to go there." And I'm like well there's no time like the present so after we wrapped up a couple of things that needed to be wrapped up we set off to the Rock Thrift store. The Rock thrift store is a nice little spot for fans of thrifting. They have something for everyone and their profits support their church and it's members in need. Double positives. While there the Birthday Girl spotted these awesome new boots for a steal of a deal and I picked up a couple of fab items myself. 

The day was turning out to be just awesomeness so on the way to her home I was thinking, you know I had a delicious breakfast, a wonderful liquid snack, grabbed a great haul at the thrift store for my IG store: kneedeepindiscounts and I now I kind of wanted something sweet from Starbucks to assist with the winding down. I suggested a drive by. She agreed. So you know we mobbed up into Starbucks. Like whaat...

I got my favorite drink a Venti Caramel Apple Spice. Right next door is Sprint, I decided to go talk to them about my raggedy battery. While we're in Sprint I'm waiting for a chance to speak to someone and I decided hey I'm going to plug my phone in so I can charge it well that was a bad idea because the minute I unplugged the phone from the charging dock the alarm went off and so now this alarm is ringing incessantly as well as annoyingly loud in the store and everyone's eyeballs are suddenly pointed in my direction and I'm like hey all I wanted to do was charge my phone. Ummm kayyyy.

This isn't turning out like I thought it would but whatever I recovered quickly by plugging the phone back into the charging dock and of course I was still waiting for someone to talk to. Now here comes someone over here trying to figure out what I'm trying to do since the alarm is a ringing. I explain the real issue only to find out he wasn't able to help me with my battery situation because the minute I need a battery Sprint no longer sells them in the stores and I have to order one. Of course, why would they have a battery in the store when I need one? But, you know what? That was okay. I had my Starbucks, I have my goodies from the thrift store, I have my two goodie bags and I have spent a wonderful spontaneous day hanging out with the Birthday Girl. Nothing could ruin my day.

So from there the Birthday Girl and I kept on with our mission to her home, got there and enjoyed more good for the soul conversation, laughed and chilled for a minute. So in my Ice Cube voice....

Until next time...Go forth and read, comment and share!! Bye loves :)


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