Reality TV Check In: Bridezillas

WeTV's Bridezillas Reality Show is back and with all the drama seen in previous seasons. However, this season bride-to-be Porsche is ready to head down the aisle with her boo as long as everything is going her way and her way only. Porsche is planning to attend he bachelorlette with all the zings and dings in the world but her boo had better head home and get some rest the nite before their nuptials. She has instructed the man that he is definitely not to attend any type of bachelor party planned in his honor. Now, Porsche does make some good points. Remember Kool Moe Dee's 3 Days Later...Go See The Doctor...?! No one is trying to do all that. But is it fair to say what's good for the gander isn't going down for the goose?