The Ultimate Sacrifice

A young South Carolina man made the ultimate sacrifice for this brother this week when he ingested crack cocaine from his brother's crack in an effort to keep his brother from facing a stint of life in prison. The victim, 20 year old Wayne Joshua Mitchell, died within an hour of eating the toxic substance. His older brother, 23 year old Deanglo Rashard Mitchell, is now facing murder charges, which ironically may have him ending up doing that stint of life in prison ANYWAYs, as well as facing the charges for the incident which landed them in the back of the patrol car in the first place. Fixated on the situation at hand, both men disregarded the known fact that patrol cars are equipped with video and audio equipment for this very reason, the exchange between the two men was caught on tape and is included below.

 If the onset of the ingested cocaine began within an hour then that quite possibly means that Deangelo had to sit there, handcuffed and witness his brother's unfortunate and surely painful demise. This is a sad and tragic display as to how down folks are willing to be for someone. This is an episode of when having someone's back goes terribly wrong. Notice Wayne's last words, in the video, to his brother. Am I my brother's keeper? Your thoughts?