A Race to Taste

The people have spoken and the selection of a new flavor of Lay's  chips have been whittled down to three. Lay's are set to roll out the three options of new chip flavors. Their "Do us a Flavor" promotion is set to begin this week putting the three new chip flavors on shelves near you. The finalists, Chicken & Waffles, Cheesy Garlic Bread and Sriracha will be available for a limited time. Exactly. Flavors I'd never dreamed I'd eat on the side with a sandwich and a soda but here they are. Which one do you think will be the victorious one? I'm gonna try all three but I'll wager on the Chicken & Waffles flavor. It just screams longevity. I'm not gonna hate on the other two flavors.  I know both have legions of fans that will try to keep them on the shelves as well. We'll see the results of this tasty competition soon enough. Log on to Lay's site and/or vote for your favorite flavor via their Facebook app.