Where My Ghouls At!?

This year I'm interested in getting my ghoulish groove on at a Halloween party to die for. Any suggestions? I have been checking out my options and thus far I have seen the following scary attractions in, around and throughout San Diego.

Who's up for a themed costume party? With an option to win $5000!?! If there ever was a reason to be referred to as a ho...this is it.  Whether your trickin or treatin you can get in where you fit in at this Pimp N Ho Halloween party in downtown San Diego at Jolt N Joe's.

You know, now that I think about it I've never seen a zombie-fied pimp before. With all the craze over shows like The Walking Dead I can't imagine a room full of Bishop Don Magic Juans' without a few Jimmy Bones' to balance the party out. I guess I'll see one soon enough.