Who did it best....the Hefs versus Hilton?

This years quirky Halloween theme seems to be the one and only Miley Cyrus. As usual every year we find something to latch on to and imitate during Halloween. This year one of those themes is Miley and her twerkerizations. Here are a couple of Mileys on their way out to get their party on. Who did it better Paris Hilton or Crystal Hefner? Amy Odell of Cosmopolitan.com choose Paris and I'd have to agree. I think she topped Crystal. Plus Crystal got a side pimp kick. Hef played his role tho. I'd have to say. With his shades, one chain and golden mic he shinin bright like a diamond. Oh wait, who's that in the trio...a Daygo Dude. Even locals here is SD are becoming a part of Miley's twerk nation. I'm gonna have to go with the Daygo Dude. He's representin for SD. #Winning.