Let's Go To The San Diego County Fair

Once again it's on...let's go to the fair. I have been enjoying the fair held in Del Mar, CA for the summer for many, many years. It is a family ritual, a trip to the fair. It is something that I did with my own children; dragging them to the fair summer after summer for food, games, fun and concerts. I remember one year the All That Nickelodeon Tour stopped by the fair and my kids got to enjoy Kenan and Kel and Nick Cannon who were Nickelodeon royalty then as well as a performance by RnB youngster Sammie.

This was my daughter's jam right here. 

Some things are the same every single year, such as the parking madness so be prepared for that and the lines at the gates so be prepared for that as well. Advanced tickets are available at several retailers and some even offer them at discounted prices so if you can purchased tickets in advance...you might wanna consider doing so to cut down your waiting time just a bit. The various exhibits, attractions, concerts, performances, festivals and events are what keep you coming back. 

Some things change about the fair every year such as the different booths and vendors. One year I took my kids and each of us got a wax impression of our hand. It is strange to pull it out and look at it and see how much my children's hands have grown and at one time their hand was as small as the waxy figure. , gotta love the food at the fair! Omg, that is one of the main attractions. Deep fry master Chicken Charlie will be there with sweet teats one of which is a Deep-Fried Slimfast Bar. I have read and reread the list of delectable items to try this year such as Deep-Fried Starbucks and "the Fireball Donut that will provide a spicy and cinnamony one-two punch!" I'm a little curious about the namesake of this here donut. Umm...yassss. Sweet and spicy, sounds good to me! 

 I'm also excited about attending the Charlie Wilson concert on the 26th and turning right around and returning on the 27th for the Gospel Fest on the 27th. I will be front and center at 7pm to see and hear Mrs. Tamela Mann sing "Take Me to the King." Amen as well as some of San Diego's finest local choirs and gospel performers.

This summer's fair theme is A Fair to Remember: a Celebration of World's Fairs and Balboa Park and will be here June 5th through July 5th (the fair will be closed Mondays and the first two tuesdays), Ticket Prices are Adult: $15; Seniors age 62+: $8; Children age 6-12: $8; and Children age 5 and under: Free :)

So now you can go forth and enjoy the fair. Maybe I'll see you there. Sound off in the comments about your past experiences at the fair and post pics as well :)