September 25th - October 2nd - San Diego Restaurant Week

Ready, set, eat...who's going where?  I have a couple spots I plan to hit up such as The Crab Catcher and Ruth Chris. About 180 restaurants are waiting to fill their seats with eager and hungry restaurant goers this week. Lunch and dinner menus are available online at and prices range from $10 and up. See you out there! Please inbox us and share your experiences. 

So I ended up at Ruth's Chris after all and it was splendid. Yes, that is probably the first time I used "splendid" in a sentence...anyway, my steak was wonderlicious and totally made up for the overcrowded, cramped atmosphere of the restaurant. It's restaurant week and a $50 meal at Ruth's Chris was on a vast majority of "to do" lists. Of course. My guest and I enjoyed stuffed mushrooms, garlic mash potatoes, the most tender, scrumptious steak ever with some succulent well-seasoned shrimp atop of it and all the soft bread with butter you can eat. The desserts were worth their own post...chocolate heaven and cheesecake with berries and toffee in tow. It was worth the wait and I will be back. 

Until next time...Go forth and read, comment and share!! Bye loves :)