October 16th - 7th Annual Spring Valley Tailgate & BBQ Festival

U ready? If you are a fan of bbq...I mean lots of bbq then this is the event for you. I have attended this event in the past and it is something you need to check out.

It all goes down Sunday, October 16th 10am - 5pm. This will be a family-friendly, drama-free community event for everyone. There will be food, music, an amateur tailgate and bbq cook-off...just a whole lotta good times dipped in bbq sauce. Don't miss it.


Went to the event. Had a finger-licking good time. Sampled some bbq. Listened to some live music. Rode the bumper cars with my gbaby and enjoyed the atmosphere. This really is a great event, I'm glad they've had it these past 7 years and hope they continue to do so. I seen a poster of the proposed new Charger stadium. Asked some questions and got some answers. I'm not going to say all of my questions were answered; I'm still curious as to where our tailgating festivities are going to commence and where are over 1,000 people going to park on gamedays?! The answer I was given on Sunday was at the current parking lots and on the streets and that another parking structure will eventually be built but how long before eventually arrives? I need the Chargers to stay in San Diego. I just can't imagine our city without them. That's like peanut butter with no jelly. Kool-Aid with no sugar and ham with no burger. With the recent vandalism at the democratic polling places in North Carolina and the reference to anarchy...if that's anarchy then I do not want to see what the hell is going to happen after the final tally on voting day if the Chargers pack up and roll out of San Diego. No sir. No mam.
Until next time...Go forth and read, comment and share!! Bye loves :)