July 17th - September 16th - RBI Baseball, Basketball, Soccer Season

My four kids grew up playing youth sports. If it wasn't football season it was basketball season or cheer or soccer it was a season of some sport and I think they loved it. It helped them build confidence, social skills, team-building skills and it kept them busy. You know what they say: a idle mind is the devils playground. I have been a cheer coach, team mom, girl scout leader, dean mother and more supporting my children during their youth sports days. Being a mom of 4 my reign of activities spanned well over a decade and now I have a grandson to start all over with. Yippee but I wouldn't trade all of the trips, wins, losses, championships, fundraisers, snafus, laughs, tears, ups and downs for anything in the world. 

Does your child play youth sports? Why or why not? 

This gif is from the Disney movie Little Giants. I loved that movie and slipped this gif in here just because. You have to see the movie to know what I mean. Lol.

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