A Day At Atlantis

Let me tell you about my day at Atlantis, a beautiful resort in Paradise Island Bahamas that I visited while on a Carnival Cruise. The Atlantis resort is one of the most beautiful resorts I have ever seen in my life not that I have visited a lot but I can assure you my word is bond. this resort contains a casino, fine dining, golf, shopping, fabulous rooms and suites, Aquaventure (a water park) and is on a beach where you can rent jet ski's and other aquatic toys as well as have an authentically made Bahama Mama. Rumor has it the Atlantis in Paradise Island was one of Michael Jackson's favorite places to stay when he would visit Nassau Bahamas. It is also mentioned as best things to do in the Bahamas. See that post here.

I have posted some of the pictures that I took while I was at the water park as well as on the resort grounds however due to Wi-Fi settings I unfortunately and aggravatingly do not have all of my pictures or videos as of yet. I am speaking with or I have been playing email tag with Snapchat to get them to try to locate my posts. Hopefully, one day I will see them again. 

The top 5 things I enjoyed the most while visiting Atlantis:
1. The beauty of the aquarium. The aquarium had so many animals from under the sea that every glass enclosure was just amazing one after another. I seen giant eels, giant lobsters, sharks just all kinds of fishes. I even thought I found Nemo. It is reported to be the largest open air marine habitat everrr.

2. Aquaventure's lazy river. The lazy river went a far distance through the park and at some points it was slow and drifts and at other points it kind of speeds up and gets a little rocky which just added to the adventure. 

3. The water slides at Aquaventure. We went on the Leap of Faith, Challenger, Drop, Serpentine Slide and the Abyss water slides these vary in degree from fun to why did I even attempt to do that. My family and I had a really great time. One thing about the Serpentine Slide water slide is you're submerged underwater and travel through a tunnel where sharks swimming on either side of you. You can see the sharks and they can see you that was fun and scary at same time. Their water slides are iconic.


4. The views. Like I said, this resort is beautiful. Just amazingly designed and well put together. The grounds are full of lush green plants, trees and all types of pretty and colorful foliage. There's picturesque elements like jumping dolphin's sculptures and tall statues. It's just amaze balls.

5. The beach. Just a short walk over the bridge we were able to just chill on the beach and enjoy a Bahama mama, jet ski and run through the waves. The water is such a pretty clear aquamarine color. It was just such an enjoyable day.  The weather was perfect, the sun was shining, the day was well spent and worth every dime. I can't wait to return to Atlantis!!

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